Deferral of Admission

Deferral of Admission

This form is to be used by students who have been offered admission to the Graduate School at The University of Southern Mississippi and who would like to request that such admission be deferred for a maximum of one year. Note that this deferral is for regular/conditional admissions only and NOT FOR NON-DEGREE. Not all departments allow admission deferrals. It is the student's responsibility to verify the option of deferral with his/her academic department.

The following procedures must be followed:

This form must be filled out completely and must include a reason that the deferral is being requested.

The requested deferral must be for a specific term and may not exceed one year from the original term of admission.

Students offered admission to certain departments (example: Psychology) do not have the option to defer their admission decision. THE STUDENT MUST CHECK WITH THE DEPARTMENT.

The completed form must be submitted to the Graduate School no later than the first day of classes of the term of original admission. If the request is not received by the first day of classes, the request for deferral may be disapproved.

Please note that deferral of your admission is not automatic. All deferral requests are subject to review and approval by both the department/program and the Graduate School. Questions should be directed to

The student will be notified via email of the decision regarding the deferral request.