School of Music Design Assistance Request

School of Music Design Assistance Request

Due to the volume of events in the School of Music, they have arranged for the services of a graphic designer to assist with large-scale, public events. These include, but are no necessarily limited to, the following:


It does not include, individual recitals, private camps and clinics, events that are not wholly part of the School of Music.

Some projects may be able to be completed in house, though many will have to go through University Communications (UC) for proofing, bids, mailing, etc.

1. PLAN AHEAD - Lead time should be no less than 40 days prior to the event, more around holidays. If substantial printing is involved,
2. DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT - specific description of what print pieces you are requesting for a project (i.e. posters, postcard, flyer, advertisement, etc.)
3. SUBMIT INFORMATION ALL AT ONCE - All information, proofed and arranged as you would like to see it must be provided in a ONE word document. Separate emails with pieces parts of information will not be accepted. Additional late submissions will result in project delays.
4. SUBMIT ALL ART/PHOTOS/DESIGN IDEAS – If you have photos (high resolution), art, or an idea of what you envision, include this with your submission.
5. COSTS – If your project is to be printed, you must include a budget string before work will begin.
6. QUANTITIES – definite quantities must be submitted with each project. Bids will be made if the project goes to UC and will delay completion.

Please submit separate requests for ech project.