Please be certain you have checked AdAstra for availability of your dates and times AND have secured a venue that will accept all times you submit BEFORE using this form. It is YOUR responsibility to secure the venue.

Events are not confirmed until you have a reply confirmation email from the Student Services Office.

Rehearsal spaces and times are your responsibility. Arrangements should be made with your venue separately.

Any piano need should be coordinated with Lonnie Young. Stands, chairs and other equipment are the responsibility of the performers.

All technical components (projectors, screens, sound, etc.) are supplied by iTech (601.266.4800) and must be arranged and paid for by the presenter.

Live streaming is not provided off-campus.

Remember, at all off campus facilities, we are guests. Please leave a wonderful impression by facility to the same or better condition when complete.

Do not advertise your event until you have received confirmation from the reservation office, as well as any related-approval from area faculty if a recital-hearing is required prior to the event.