University Standing Committees and Representative Groups (USCRG)

University Standing Committees and Representative Groups (USCRG)


Use this form to submit the required USCRG documents to the Committee on Committees. The following documents are due annually by June 30 or as appointed by your committee's bylaws:

1. Annual Report
2. Bylaws
3. Membership List

Make sure each file name includes both the committee name and document type, e.g., IRB-Membership, Grade_Review_Council-Bylaws. You may submit documents as they are ready (i.e., it is not necessary to submit all documents at once).

A committee that maintains updated copies of its annual report, bylaws, and membership in an clearly visible location on its own USM website does not have to also submit those documents here. However, you must provide the website address here on this form (section 5).

For more information, including rules for University Standing Committees and the list of official committees and representatives groups, please visit the USCRG website:

If you must request an extension on the due date, see the Comments section of this form (section 6). If you have any other questions, please contact the Chair of Committee on Committees.

Thank you.