SMAC Stage Request Form

SMAC Stage Request Form

The Southern Miss Activities Council (SMAC) currently has 7 pieces stage that are available to reserve for your event. This form must be filled out to request the use of any or all pieces of the stage. Only on campus departments and student organizations may rent the stage.

At this time, SMAC is requiring a $200 fee for the use of the SMAC stage. This may be submitted in the form of an Interdepartmental Invoice or a check made out to The Southern Miss Activities Council. Upon the ON TIME return of the stage there will be no additional charges.

Your deposit must be received 1 week prior to the pick up of the stage. If you have a budget string (for on campus departments and some student organizations) you may fill that section out below. All other organizations must have a check turned in to the SMAC Advisor (Located in the Hub) one week prior to picking up the stage.

This form must be submitted by 5pm, 2 weeks prior to your event. Late requests will not be accepted.

ALL equipment must be picked up, as SMAC is unable to deliver at this time.