Event Request Form 2012-2013

Event Request Form 2012-2013

** NEW* January 2013: This form will serve as the form for ALL organizations (including GREEK) to submit for events on campus.

Forms are to be submitted by Mondays at 4 p.m. for events the following Monday through Friday. Special Events require forms be submitted at least ONE MONTH in advance.

Complete this form for ANYTHING other than a meeting such as a retreat, pageant/fashion shows, Friday Night at the Fountain, has a D.J., multiple UPD required, ticketed event, off campus guest, Bennett Auditorium, or other event of the same nature.

1. If your event is deemed special in nature by the Office of Student Activities, you will have to attend a Pre-Event meeting on a Tuesday at 9:45 a.m. at LEAST one month before your event.
2. You will receive an email regarding the pre-event meeting if it is necessary for your event.
3. If your event requires UPD, they must be paid with cash in the correct change TWO WEEKS before the day of your event.
4. All events in the Payne Center require a one-on-one meeting with Payne Center staff before your event is approved. YOU MUST set this up with them yourself after you submit this form.
5. ***Submitting a form DOES NOT guarantee that your event will be registered. You MUST wait for a confirmation email before advertising for any event.

Please remember your event will not be approved until you reserve your space through Event Services at http://www.usm.edu/event-services or if are requesting Academic space, Lobby OR Performing Arts space simply complete this form and we will assist you with your reservation.