Tabling/Sales Request Form 2012-2013

Tabling/Sales Request Form 2012-2013

Forms are to be submitted by Mondays at 4 p.m. for events the following Monday through Friday. Special Events require forms be submitted at least ONE MONTH in advance.

Complete this form if your event is a bake sale, money drop, information table/booth, promotion about an upcoming event, SGA Elections, or any other event requiring table set-up of the same nature.

Tables are provided for you if you set up inside the Union Complex (TCC or Union Lobby). You may request tables and chairs below if you are setting up outside in Shoemaker Square. ****Any other locations on campus that you table, YOU are responsible for providing your own tables and chairs.****

Tabling Locations for the LAB:

Outside the front of building

The 2nd floor lobby of the LAB is available for only student organizations who fall under the College of Arts and Letters.

You are responsible for bringing any table and chairs. You may not use any existing furniture in or outside the building.

If you are tabling outside of the LAB, you must seek additional approval from the LAB Dean's Office on your own before the event to table inside should there be inclement weather prohibiting you from setting up outside.

Due to space restrictions, NO tabling is allowed inside the 1st floor lobby at this time.

Please remember your event will not be approved until you reserve your space through Event Services at or if you are requesting academic space or a lobby, complete this form and we will assist you with your reservation.